Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Surfing Pics December 2010

Been taking my camera out in the surf the last few times, and having a terribad shocker of a time getting anything worth keeping, here's some potential shots, one day I hope to get a proper housing for my slr so I can control the settings more.

 Groms playing a game out Shark Island, catch the wave with the stick in your mouth and fetch it if you get smashed.

 Pretty sure there was a dude in there...

 Groms on the Island

 Another dude with the stick

 Shoulder shot

 Q. Good looking or what?

 A. What.

 Standup getting drilled. (Regular occurence)

 Cool clouds


 Suck Rock. The swell was actually hitting here.

 Dropknee, oldschool.

 I liked this perspective.

 Suck Rock pumping

 I got distracted by the waves hitting the rocks

 and the pretty rock formations

 A good one to finish on.

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