Thursday, October 21, 2010

Canon Photo5 - The entries

Well, I shot in a semi stressed state for the most part, but I did complete all 5 briefs unlike last year. Here are my entries, I hope I make the finals, but not holding my breath, there are some really great images this year.

 Brief 1 - Eyedropper Close Up - Surgical Precision
I dropped food dye onto my favourite knife and shot a variety of angles with my 100mm macro lens on a 5DmkII. This close up was my favourite, it is a clean and carefully composed image which is like a clue to a murder mystery. I used two remote 580EXII Speedlights to bounce flash off various surfaces to gain this studio quality light.

Brief 2 - Bubblegum Portrait - Adolescence
I created a sculpture of a young person's head out of 7 packs of bubblegum. To me bubblegum is a pastime of youth, chewed with arrogance and symbolising teenage rebellion. I crafted the work over a foam manikin head utilising the sticky and uneven texture to represent acne caused by the high sugar content of the sweet gum. I experimented with different flash lighting setups and was happy with this shot. I used the eyes from an old photograph of myself to give the subject a contemptuous stare.

Brief 3 - Incense in Black and White - Toxic Traffic
My image shows a morning traffic jam and the pollution which results from our dependence on cars. I used toy cars of various colours to give different tonal values and arranged them on top of sandpaper to give a road texture. With the help of my awesome sister holding seven incense sticks, I achieved this dramatic image.

 Brief 4 - Confetti Movement - Celebration
This is an image of celebration. I filled a balloon with confetti and struck it with a pin. My image is actually a sequence caught using stroboscopic flash. There are 5 frames caught in one second allowing the viewer to see cause and effect.

Brief 5 - Inspired by Sound - Catch of the Day
You need to hear the sound to see what I mean, but I got an idea of a comic falling scenario. I imagined a character dumping fish on a poor unsuspecting person. I shot this at night with high speed sync to capture the movement.

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